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Browse, discover additional geographical data and exploit analytical tools
  • Navigate using quality maps with current and historical aerial imagery
  • Measure fields – including slope information – thanks to detailed 3D maps
  • Discover potential land use or constraints through data from recognised institutions
  • Monitor weather data, both historical and forecast and match them with climatology
Aerial Pictures

SITI4farmer shows you the land via certified, high precision aerial ortho-images. It makes the most of a unique database:

  • Up to 20cm resolution photos
  • Ongoing update of aerial photos
3D Model

SITI4farmer has an updated 3D, high resolution land model to analyse the morphology of the land. This includes:

  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model), to describe the trend of the bare ground surface.
  • DSM (Digital Surface Model) to describe the elements on the land (e.g.: structures, vegetation, etc.)

Data above are resulting from autocorrelation of aerial images and LiDAR acquisition

Using this DB, SITI4farmer makes available other custom functions:

  • Distances with altimetric profile extraction
  • Areas with minimum, average and maximum altitude extraction, average slope and exposure as well as other statistics

The 3D database can be customised with your own data from drone or sensors located on tools or machinery.

Potential Use and Restrictions

SITI4farmer uses open databases and local land registries made available by the Public Administration. Based on the regional availability, data are organised and viewed as specific layers:

  • Administrative Limits (regional, provincial or municipal limits), roads and place names
  • Cross-compliance, control and support zones
  • NVZs – Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
  • Sites of Community Importance and Natura 2000 Special Protection Areas
  • Rivers with buffer strips
  • Hedges and tree rows
  • Ponds and wetlands
  • Natural or manmade riverbeds
  • Potential uses for geographical indication schemes and traditional varieties
Meteorology and Climatology

SITI4farmer integrates weather data and services from OpenWheatherMap™, Aeronautica Militare, Meteosat Radar and the Regional Environmental Protection Agency. All information is georeferenced and displayed in the GIS with charts and tables. Users can extract the following weather variables:

  • Temperature, Rainfall, Humidity, Wind and Pressure in the form of 5-day forecasts updated every 3 hours
  • Historical data from weather stations, from 2006
  • Climatology (monthly average of the past 10 years, by max/min temperature and rainfall) against current or historical data
  • Theme maps for each variable – also history-related
  • Animated, real-time images on the cloud status and progress, temperatures and bad weather conditions.

The weather DB can be customised with further info on a specific farm e.g.: weather data from meteorological stations or onsite remote sensors.


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