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Decisions using accurate information
  • Optimise field activities using agrometeorological indices
  • Monitor growth and stress of crops though our vegetation index
  • Combine data to get more precise information
  • Create nutrient prescription maps
  • Exploit data from sensors, weather stations and machinery
Decision Support System Dashboard

SITI4farmer provides dedicated dashboards for specific issues, indices and information in order to:

  • Assess the appropriate time for sowing, harvesting, irrigating or other agricultural practices
  • Highlight the areas where the vegetative growth is not uniform
  • Compare the occurrence of phenological phases of the fields with the same crop on the basis of vegetative index diagrams in one reference field controlled daily
  • Automatically obtain prescription maps that are based on the vegetation index
  • Creating prescription maps that take into account other information layers by means of a GIS editor

These dashboards use threshold values for each parameter subject to evaluation and trigger automatic warning messages. These values ​​are user-configurable.

Should you have other neeeds such as using data from in-field sensors, weather stations, drones, a dashboard customisation service is available (for further information see ADVANCED SERVICES)

Agrometeorological Indexes

SITI4farmer processes data in real-time and for each field and crop the system feeds back:

  • Soil evaporation and transpiration
  • Soil Hydro-balance
  • Soil temperature
  • Global Solar Radiation

The indices above are strictly linked to meteorology and they are displayed as:

  • Themed evaporation-transpiration and hydro-balance per crop, with historical data from 2006, in real-time and as a forecast (5 days)
  • Charts for daily trends (historical, real-time or forecast) for all the indices combined with weather-variables diagrams
  • Historical and real-time simulation of the comparison between current and potential crop
Vegetation Index

SITI4farmer provides the NDVI – (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), calculated in real-time and updated every 3-4 days in order to:

  • Represent each plot on a map, with the vitality of the crop and its variations
  • Assess the areas lacking vegetation due to water conditions, insufficient nutrients in the soil or local diseases
  • Show vegetation evolution in the field for the past 3 years on the map
  • Compare a monitored plot to other plots with the same crop

The Vegetation Index is extracted from 10 m-resolution multi-spectrum images from satellites Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2A, 2B (Copernicus project).  This satellite provides data starting from October 2017


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