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Bring your farm into the digital era, with accurate records and history

  • Prepare the graphical crop plan and comply with mandatory registries
  • Manage farming practices and phenology phases
  • Analyse indices and dashboards to support decisions (agro-meteorology and vegetation)
  • Keep farm data organised and accessible
  • Record field data with the SITI4land app
  • Print and export data
  • Promote your activities
  • Put your product and services inthe spotlight
  • Introduce your business with professional printouts including maps
  • Share experience and innovate
Crop plan

Thanks to precise photointerpretation of land use, SITI4farmer can help manage:

  • A graphic crop plan, starting from an accurate digitization of your farm boundaries (supported by our experts)
  • Areas eligible for farming, organised in blocks based on expected crops
  • Landscape elements of the farm, defining and adding value to the business
  • A printout of the crop plan in graphical format: a summary of all types of areas (Usable Agricultural Area, Non-utilised Agricultural Area and Total Agricultural Area) by Crop Code and Rotation
Farming Practice

SITI4farmer helps managing your farming practice to plan and record all activities. The user interface provides graphic tools to:

  • Record your farming activities on a map, using a customised archive
  • Automatically group all adjacent fields using the same crop
  • Organise fields by crop or other features, for easier traceability of organic products
  • View a calendar of the plan and progress of the farming practice

SITI4farmer integrates the BBCH* database, manages phenological phases in semi-automated mode and allows to:

  • Manage detailed phenological phase dates for each crop, based the BBCH standard
  • Automatically get dates for the main phases, based on statistics from academic and FAO studies
  • Make more accurate calculations of the water balance and soil evaporation / transpiration indices

*BBCH: Biologische Bundesanstalt, Bundessortenamt and Chemical industry is the result of the work of a group made up of the German Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (BBA), German Federal Office of Plant Varieties (BSA), German Agrochemical Association (IVA) and the Institute for Vegetables and Ornamentals in Grossbeeren/Erfurt, Germany (IGZ)

Mandatory Registries

SITI4farmer manages the Treatment Registry and allows to:

  • Use the up-to-date database of phytosanitary products and any labels published by the Italian Ministry of Health
  • Manage the phytopharmaceuticals inventory, registering product purchases and handling
  • Record any spreading activity
  • Check any non-conformity in the use of product related to crops, weather and other adverse conditions, phenological phases, quantities used and number of treatments

SITI4farmer handles the Fertilization Registry allowing you to:

  • Manage a fertilizer custom database based on the type
  • Manage the fertiliser inventory, logging purchases and handling products
  • Record any spreading activity
  • Calculate the amount of nitrogen distributed and what still needs to be spread
  • Flag any restrictions based on NVZs and the maximum use for a specific crop
Dossier and Organisation

SITI4farmer can help you manage the history of company details and professional value chain organisations, available in an ad-hoc data sheet:

  • Company details – along with the farm details, it includes a dedicated section from which users can authorise data access, handling and other specific functions for professionals, employees, associations and third parties, among others
  • Livestock – information on cattle for livestock farms and local health service details as well as other information of use in  describing animals
  • Machinery – inventory of machines and tools
  • Premises – includes the inventory of the real estate assets of the farm

* To upload and update data, an import function from the CAP Dossier is available.


SITI4farmer helps farming business promote their products and services by:

  • Creating a customised brochure geo-located on your land and visible to all network users
  • Geographically positioning POIs for each feature of your farm
  • Publishing or searching themed news
  • Providing professional printouts of corporate and land assets, graphical crop plan and good farming practice evidence

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