Certifications and Awards
Integrated Quality Policy
Certifications and Awards



  • Oracle (2007): Innovative partner for the: Framework SITI and SITI Agri (IACS) applications
  • Geocap Unit of the Joint research Centre of the European Commission (2008) for Best scientific publication on LPIS Quality Control
  • General Directorate for Agriculture of the European Commission award for the Best presentation for the use of 3D modelling in field checks (2009)
  • “Oracle Spatial Excellence Partnership Award 2010”. Best partner for the use of Spatial technologies
  • General Directorate for Agriculture of the European Commission award for the Best presentation for the use of LPIS as a knowledge system. An example of LPIS data use applied to risk analysis and cross-compliance checks (2010)
  • ‘Oracle Spatial 2010 Excellence Partnership Award’, for contributions to research and development of the Oracle 3D platform
  • Prize at the event Italia degli Innovatori promoted by the Italian Ministero dell’Economia e dell’Innovazione. Technology was exhibited at he 2011 Shanghai Expo
  • General Directorate for Agriculture of the European Commission award for the Best presentation on new methodologies and simplification tools for LPIS and land cover update (2011)
  • DigitalGlobe Charter Member Information Partner Program 2014, technology award
  • UK-Italy Business Award 2015 by UK Trade & Investment and the British Consulate of Milan
  • Geospatial Intelligence Award 2016, Industry category in Orlando, Florida
Integrated Quality Policy

The values ​​and principles of reference on which ABACO S.p.A. – a company operating Geographic Information Systems, Mapping, Global Positioning Systems, Computer Aided Design, Facility Management and Technical Documentation Systems – bases its activities are outlined in this company policy and in the Code of Ethics.

Through this document ABACO S.p.A. has identified an integrated policy for managing Quality and Safety aspects regarding information and Environment in line with the context of the strategic risks incurred by the organisation and in conformity with the laws and regulations in force.

ABACO S.p.A., through this present policy, commits to reach its business objectives taking into consideration the expectations of opportunities and incentives of its employees in compliance with contractual obligations and in accordance with the regulations concerning the dissemination of ethical values and a socially responsible culture in the company.

In the same way, aware that its activities and processes may generate effects that to some extent interfere with the environment, it recognizes the importance of proper management and control of its environmental aspects, as well as awareness of its staff to respect environment.


The primary objectives set by the ABACO S.p.A. management team at all levels are as follows:

  1. Understanding the internal and external context (economic, social, territorial, regulatory, etc.) in which the company operates to identify the needs and expectations of the parties involved and to seek consistent satisfaction with them.
  2. Knowing customer requirements and recognising them in good time, creating software capable of ensuring the best end-user satisfaction thanks to targeted design customisation.
  3. Involving customers and suppliers in a close working relationship, so as to provide the necessary stimuli for a common quest towards continuous improvement.
  4. Continuously seeking solutions, processes, and appropriate and efficient operational procedures enabling us to be leaders in terms of technology and organisation.
  5. Adopt internal procedures that guarantee fast and effective solutions to face the different degrees of defects of products and services provided to customers.
  6. Continually searching for solutions, processes, appropriate and efficient operating procedures to prevent the occurrence of non-compliance, accidents and occupational diseases.
  7. Complying with national legislation on H&S and we have issued a document for the evaluation of business risks.
  8. Providing opportunities and encouragement to each employee – through training, motivation and involvement – to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality system.
  9. Promoting communication to the outside and within the company policy and mission for Quality, Environment, Information Security and Health and Safety in the workplace, maintaining a close dialogue with the various stakeholders (clients, employees, authorities, control bodies, etc.).
  10. Ensuring that the business activities have a positive impact on the environment and in the social context in which the Company operates.
  11. Paying attention to the efficient use of energy resources and minimizing the environmental impact generated by its performance, as well as the prevention of environmental pollution.
  12. Adopting a policy on purchases aimed at an eco-sustainable supply, rationalizing the use of office consumables and directing the purchase of eco-compatible materials
  13. Adopting the necessary provisions to prevent and be able to deal with accidental events and emergency situations.
  14. Ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data, protecting them from threats of any kind such as, in particular, access or changes by unidentified and unauthorized persons.
  15. Ensuring the maintenance of the confidentiality aspects inherent in the company know-how and the information processed for customers through the company IT infrastructure.
  16. Making information, systems and applications available in relation to specific needs.
  17. Adequately selecting suppliers and ensuring that they share and comply with the law on the subject and confidentiality of information.
  18. Empowering employees on the topic of data management in compliance with privacy regulations and company regulations and provisions, providing them with specific instructions and carrying out checks in order to verify their knowledge and implementation.
  19. Giving valid and stimulating job opportunities to collaborators in accordance with the laws against human trafficking, not using or supporting the use of child labour, not implementing or supporting any form of discrimination, not resorting to, nor supporting, the use of of forced or compulsory labour.
  20. Respecting the national collective agreement applied ensuring the protection of workers’ rights and observing the provisions contained therein, both of an economic and regulatory nature.
  21. Guaranteeing functionality, reliability, transparency, ethics and integrity in behaviour.
  22. Developing a “responsible economic strategy” that takes into account the needs of all stakeholders.


To implement these principles, the ABACO S.p.A. general management team has adopted a comprehensive strategy featuring various courses of action which are highly integrated and based on the requirements expressed in ISO standards 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 27001:2014 (Information Security) and ISO 14000:2015 (Environment).

The commitments that the management team have made and that they require all employees to observe are:

  • implementing and maintaining an effective integrated management system according to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2014, ISO 14001 :2015 ;
  • defining policies and implementing a methodology for risk assessment of the critical issues related to its activities (with particular regard to the topics of organization of business processes, environment and safety at work and data security), thus determining the acceptable risk levels and intervention protocols, where necessary;
  • monitoring and controlling the processes of the organisation in order to assess the extent they are understood inside the company, ensuring the adequacy and continuous improvement of the Integrated System through the use of appropriate indicators and the definition of objectives and development goals;


The Company Management is committed to properly selecting its suppliers and ensuring that they share and meet the commitments inherent in the law in terms of the confidentiality of information.

This company policy is subject to periodic review in the face of internal or external changes to the organisation in order to ensure its validity, adequacy and effectiveness as part of the Integrated Management System and to promote the commitment towards continuous improvement.

The ABACO S.p.A. management team is continuously and directly engaged in making this Company Policy known and publicly available and informing internal and external stakeholders of the expected and achieved results achieved with internal and external stakeholders.

This policy constitutes a clear objective and an obligation towards all parties involved in the activities carried out by ABACO S.p.A.

ABACO S.p.A. staff are engaged on all levels in order to consciously pursue the provisions of this policy, according to their individual roles, responsibilities and expertise, while respecting ABACO S.p.A.’s values ​​and codes of conduct.


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