Your farm under control from the field
  • Check reality against digital data
  • Use augmented reality on your mobile or tablet
  • Gap measurements (length, height and more)
  • Record your activities in real time
  • Document and archive important events with photos and videos

SITI4land recreates an extremely detailed 3D land view using land digital models obtained from LiDAR scans and high resolution aerial image autocorrelation:

  • High detailed 3D land view (up to 20 cm)
  • Augmented reality with vector information layers and integrated virtual 3D view
  • High resolution aerial images
  • Ad-hoc detailed topographical map
  • 3D labels/icons of Points of Interest
  • Measures distances and heights
  • Georeferenced photos of the land
  • Deadline calendar for activities on the field
  • Recording farming practice and mandatory registry data entry
  • Recording crop phenological dates
  • Acquisition and recording of AR photography
  • Real-time flagging of any issues

SITI4tracks is an innovative tool to manage activities on the field and agricultural machinery.
The app automatically tracks the machine’s position and route followed whilst performing an activity on the field as well as timetables and amount of work carried out.
SITI4tracks works with smartphone GPS and without an internet connection, independently of SITI4farmer. It can be integrated into any management software.

It allows the following activities:

  • Inventory of vehicles, towing machinery and activities on the field
  • Choosing the best vehicle, towing machinery and activity basing on the aim of the work to be performed
  • Defining the field width covered by a single passage of the vehicle
  • Tracking and record route and times worked by the vehicle
  • Differentiating tractor tracks from trailer tracks
  • Displaying portions in the field on which the activity has been already performed
  • Calculating the area on which the activity has already been performed
  • Direction of driving support even without assisted driving systems
    With SITI4farmer identification of the portions of the field on which an activity has already been performed is automatically displayed and all data are synchronised within the crop production module

SITI4check is the ultimate tool for technical checks on the field and the automatic compilation of technical records.
With the advantage of a customer-friendly interface the app can:

  • Identify the position of the operator in the field and select nearby lots
  • Identify crops of the selected field and display a specific control interface
  • Display the relevant control interface according to the set of input data chosen. Example: if the operator needs to upload data related to pest monitoring, SITI4check automatically displays a checklist with different types of pest and diseases (downy mildew, blight, mould…).
    Data are synchronized with SITI4farmer and thematised on the GIS

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