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Specialised and integrated solutions to ensure traceability and quality control for the food value chain
  • Connect your system data thanks to easy interoperability
  • Exchange secured and controlled information with other food value chain actors
  • Manage WebGIS, Business Intelligence and create theme maps
  • Meet food traceability and certification requirements
  • Apply product specification and carry out technical field checks
  • Manage drainage and irrigation while saving resources
Company Data Hub

SITI4farmer integrates into one web environment advanced 2D and 3D GIS capabilities able to organise Territorial Knowledge Systems and Integrated Administration and Control Systems to:

  • Build a custom spatial knowledge base
  • Manage all the companies in your network
  • Make the most of data interoperability and big data management
  • Configure a custom WebGIS that integrates SITI4farmer Platform data with aggregated business data
  • Build a custom administration and control project
Supply Chain Management

SITI4farmer integrates into one dedicated web environment all the information about other companies in the supply chain in order to:

  • Directly manage the capital assets of all the companies in the chain, organised by product category and/or other requirements
  • Perform technical inspections in the field and help technicians in the data collection with SITI4land app
  • Create GIS theme layers and advanced reporting
  • Register all the chain companies in the network and create a cooperation network
  • Monitor the activities related to agricultural practice on every field

The solution provides for the use of any existing databases, even geographical ones, and possible integrations with third-party management software

Drainage Management

SITI4farmer integrates into a web environment dedicated to drainage and irrigation boards, all companies and subjects requiring irrigation services, in order to:

  • Create a water Land Registry arranged by configurable parameters
  • Manage a database with information about all the subjects requiring the services
  • Register in the network all the companies providing drainage and irrigation services
  • Manage online irrigation requests
  • Obtain high-level views of all the areas related to irrigation and drainage requests
  • Create GIS thematisations and advanced reporting
  • Activate an online portal for the irrigation requests
  • Obtain irrigation requests directly planned by the subject
  • Check the conformity of requests and automatically calculate the related areas

The solution involves the insertion of any existing databases, even geographical ones, and possible integrations with third-party management software.

Land Business Intelligence

A powerful appliction for the analysis and computation of indicators  besed on the land data available in the SITI4farmer platform.

The module allows for:

  • Configuration of the indices required (for advanced users)
  • Exploitation results to create personalised theme maps
  • Publishing of maps on third party portals
  • Extraction of data, grouping and advanced filters which can be exported in standard formats
  • Representattion as a bar or pie chart, or as a localised vision on the area
  • Interfacing with any data bank through web services
Morphology and Climate Assessment

SITI4farmer is able to carry out precise analyses on terrain morphology by combining weather data and soil characteristics.
These anayses are aimed at discovering the best fit for the filed, area or region with regard to crop in the context of any changes in climate.

Il the module allows for:

  • Definition of the study area and morphological indices: altitude slope and exposure ranges
  • Definition of the best climate conditions: annual rainfall, temperature average and minumums, wind exposure and more
  • Establishing the statistica weight of each indicator
  • Developing the total rating class for each indicator
  • Base a map on all results represented as layers

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