Dedicated services to promoting your growth
  • Register your farm and stay in contact with our dedicated help desk
  • Get access to professional digitisation services
  • Import external precision farming data (from drones, surveys, sensors, etc.)
  • Export your digital farm data for use with other software solutions
  • Connect SITI4farmer to your farm management system or ERP
  • Customise the decision support system
  • On demand agronomic services (drone, surveys or proximity flights)
Activation of the Company

The registration of a company requires the annual subscription of a service agreement that varies according to the company size.


The one-off service is compulsory for the start-up and the configuration of the Company, it includes:

  • Support in the correct digitisation of land parcels and lots. Our technical office supports the user in the correct definition of the geometries to ensure data quality
  • Definition of land use by photointerpretation: our technical office staff execute photo-interpretation of the land use and make it available to the user
Help desk

A group of technicians is available 5 days a week from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The support group communicates with you via phone, e-mail, and dedicated chat within the Network. The terms of service are described in the Service Level Agreement document

Online support area

The network has a support and documentation area, which contains:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Video Tutorials

Standard and customized training sessions are also organised through the ABACO Academy e-Learning centre.

Service level

Thanks to nearly 30 years of international experience in the development of enterprise platforms for the management of cloud infrastructure and big territorial data, ABACO has developed a scalable technology infrastructure with the highest level of reliability and security

The infrastructure relies on computing power, memory and disk space that are organised in a server network and sized to ensure high performance to thousands of companies and users. Dedicated resources are constantly monitored by measuring their performance and by scaling them according to the workload

Customised DSS

SITI4farmer is the perfect platform to build a tailor-made decision support system.

The platform allows customising the dashboard dedicated to Decision Support and Precision Farming. It also enables the user to carry out management, monitoring and control projects.

For example, it enables you to:

  • Activate warning systems targeted for specific crops and issues, in order to decide whether or not to carry out a particular farming practice
  • Produce preparatory maps for irrigation or targeted fertilization, relying on company information layers and integrated into the network
  • Enrich standard indices with ones deriving from targeted agronomic models

Specific services are also available to configure and develop:

  • Connectors: specific for the management of field sensors, integrating all the new data in a single three-dimensional multi resolution environment (for example: weather stations, NIR, etc.).
  • Interfaces: to load telemetry and asset-tracking data (for example: data acquisition from machines, data input forms, etc.)
  • Indicators: derived from specific models and algorithms geared to the specific business needs (For Example: phenological simulation models, corn rootworm, European corn borer, carbon sinking, etc.)
  • Customised dashboards: gathering flexibly indicators and useful components to manage, decide, prescribe and evaluate

DSS custom projects are constantly supervised by a team of experts who support the company during the analysis, implementation and use of the solution.


Over the years, ABACO has developed advanced software technologies for surveying, digitizing, distributing spatial data and application integration. We provide specific functions and a technical team to:

  • Import and export alphanumeric and territorial databases
  • Enrich the company’s knowledge base with geographical vector information
  • Convey services and solutions offered by companies and professionals of the network
  • Interoperate with applications for the management of the company or the campaign through Web Map Services (WMS), Web Services (WS) and services REpresentational State Transfer (REST)
  • Carry out surveys using drones equipped for Remote Sensing or for proximity aerial treatments with liquid and granular products

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